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The story glove

Here’s a new take on multilinear digital storytelling: a glove which lets users feel their way through a narrative. Audio content is primary, along with the physical objects.

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More characterization by Twitter

Here’s a list of ten satirical Twitter projects, each based on a character parodying a real-world figure: President Obama, mayors Bloomberg and Emmanuel, and others. For example,  

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Web storytelling: Knight time

We’ve been telling stories with the Web since Sir Tim Berners-Lee set it loose and changed the world. Today’s case in point: Knighttime, a multimedia, multi-item Web story series of medieval fantasy and humor. There are two complete stories within … Continue reading

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Storytelling with Google+

As soon as we invent a new communication platform, we try to tell stories with it.  Case in point: people are already talking about Google+ for stories. Audrey Watters describes one new project: The idea behind the #StoryCircle (he used … Continue reading

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Fanfiction hits Time

Time magazine discovers fanfiction.  It’s a bit late, given that fanfic dates back to the 1960s, if not way earlier, but the mainstream recognition is nice. I introduce fanfiction in chapter 8.  It’s a great way for first-time writers to … Continue reading

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Digital storytelling, futures, and libraries

I’m briefly interviewed in this OCLC newsletter.  There I connect futurism and storytelling: “Digital storytelling, for example,” he explains,“opens up manifold possibilities for expression and recollection, which also means multiple spaces for informational innovation.” Bryan says that digital storytelling involves … Continue reading

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HipBone 03: The HipBone Games

[ by Charles Cameron / the HipBone Games — for Hipbone 01 see here — 02 here ] . Again, my thanks to Bryan for the mention of my games in his book, and his kind invitation to me to … Continue reading

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HipBone 02: Hesse’s Glass Bead Game

[ by Charles Cameron / the HipBone Games — for Hipbone 01 see here ] . The Glass Bead Game is a game in which the players build, quote by quote and link by link, an architecture – you might … Continue reading

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XKCD on story generation

A model of story generation from XKCD: Heh. This does two things: Offers an elegant machine-generation model. Explains why some of us don’t follow sports. The alt tag is important, as always: “Also, all financial analysis. And, more directly, D&D.”

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Facebook and storytelling

“Facebook is the novel we are all writing.” –Katie Rophie

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