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Long-form journalism meets digital storytelling

“Snow Fall” is a fascinating experiment.  It’s the story of an avalanche in the American northwest.  That story appears in text format, along the lines of long-form journalism.  But “Snow Fall” also includes well done, nicely selected multimedia, including a 3d … Continue reading

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New interactive fiction

“howling dogs” is a splendid new piece of interactive fiction. The plot concerns a person charged with visualizing certain scenes.  I phrase this in such a vague, cold way in order to save you the pleasure of exploring its unsettling … Continue reading

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Writing revolutions

“First Draft of the Revolution” is a Flash-based epistolary story.   The reader/player helps letter-writers revise drafts.  Each page develops the story: (via MetaFilter)

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Small town noir or Gothic?

Alan Levine offers this microtale of American Gothic, “A Model City“, using the Cowbird digital storytelling service. Look at how neat the mayor’s house is, with the shiny brick facade and the rows of roses down the path. Out in … Continue reading

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Mad Twitter story of the year

Weirdest Twitter story: a madman wrote a fanfiction epic based on Harry and the Hendersons (1987).  It is very odd. “Hi, I continue the saga of Harry and the Herndersons. Also have head injure.” [A]fter Harlod leaves the Hendersons—or what’s … Continue reading

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Twittering Jane Austen

Can we Twitter a novel?  The Jane Austen fan production A Ball at Pemberley (2011) proves it’s doable.  “T]ogether, tens of people from six continents would go on to write a 100,000-word novel!”, they explain. It reads like so: It is … Continue reading

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More digital storytelling from the Obama White House

The Obama campaign released a Web comic as part of its election strategy.  It’s called “The Life of Julia“: It takes this hypothetical woman from age 3 to 67.  At each step of the way the story’s argument is clear: … Continue reading

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The rabbit’s quest

Ruby’s Quest is a fascinating example of digital storytelling.  It combines old-school adventure gaming with interactive fiction and social media. The plot concerns one Ruby, an anthropomorphic rabbit, who awakens in a mysterious place.  She needs to figure out where … Continue reading

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Behind Pine Point

The creators of the excellent Welcome to Pine Point digital story have shared their thoughts about the process of creating it.  Fascinating stuff, from the emphasis on linearity to their love of sound. If you haven’t read/watched/listened to Pine Point, do so … Continue reading

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Twittering the trenches

More Twitter history: follow the WWI tweets of one William Grudgings. In 1916 I left my job as a schoolteacher at Cobden Street school, Loughborough and joined the Leicestershire Regiment. I served with the 8th Bn in France. Checking @williams_war reveals … Continue reading

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