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Stories about Twitter

A new site launched to share stories about Twitter, called, appropriately, Twitter Stories. These stories are formally diverse.  For example, Roger Ebert‘s reflection on regaining communication through Twitter is largely text, with a couple of images.  In contrast, this bookstore … Continue reading

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Storytelling a presidency: Westen and the critics

Yesterday saw one prominent analysis of president Obama as flawed storyteller. It’s a moving, if flawed piece, and well worth reading for anyone interested in storytelling. Many critics have pointed out its analytical problems, from inaccurate assessments of political environments … Continue reading

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HipBone 01: Games in Fiction

[ by Charles Cameron / the HipBone Games ] . I am honored and delighted that Bryan has invited me to guest-post here, and to introduce my HipBone Games, which he kindly mentions in his book (p. 204 for the … Continue reading

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