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The rabbit’s quest

Ruby’s Quest is a fascinating example of digital storytelling.  It combines old-school adventure gaming with interactive fiction and social media. The plot concerns one Ruby, an anthropomorphic rabbit, who awakens in a mysterious place.  She needs to figure out where … Continue reading

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Web story game: Unmanned

Unmanned is the latest game from Molleindustria, and it’s a fascinating one for digital storytelling purposes. The story concerns one day in a drone operator’s life.  Depending on how you play, he awakens from bad dreams, then drives to work, … Continue reading

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How to start a game’s story

Here’s a fine account of one brilliant storytelling game’s opening scene: “1960 Mid-Atlantic” Slow strings slither as your eyes work to assess the environment. Only clearly do you see a dimly lit burgundy chair directly in front of you. A … Continue reading

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Games too long for complete stories

How long should a story be, so that an audience sticks around ’til the end? If the story is a game, short might be better than long. Blake Snow argues that major games taking dozens of hours to finish aren’t … Continue reading

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