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Welcome to this blog

Thank you for stopping by.  This is the archived blog in support of The New Digital Storytelling. For a couple of years I used this to share digital stories and to explore these new narrative forms.  I’m no longer updating the … Continue reading

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Seattle Noir: storytelling by Twitter

Seattle Noir is another Twitter-based storytelling project.  Microstorytelling, really, as each bit of story consists of a single Tweet.  Said Tweets combine noir fiction (plot and/or style) with life in Seattle, flagged by the hashtag #SeattleNoir. For example, Or: Twitter … Continue reading

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Long-form journalism meets digital storytelling

“Snow Fall” is a fascinating experiment.  It’s the story of an avalanche in the American northwest.  That story appears in text format, along the lines of long-form journalism.  But “Snow Fall” also includes well done, nicely selected multimedia, including a 3d … Continue reading

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New interactive fiction

“howling dogs” is a splendid new piece of interactive fiction. The plot concerns a person charged with visualizing certain scenes.  I phrase this in such a vague, cold way in order to save you the pleasure of exploring its unsettling … Continue reading

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On Cowbird

Transom has a nice piece explaining Cowbird. It’s a good introduction.  The article also gives us a good sense of how far Cowbird has come.  Now it has a library.  Now it’s a multimedia storytelling first-step tool.

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Writing revolutions

“First Draft of the Revolution” is a Flash-based epistolary story.   The reader/player helps letter-writers revise drafts.  Each page develops the story: (via MetaFilter)

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Digital storytelling in Vermont

Two Middlebury College students used digital storytelling tools to explore central Vermont.  Here’s a sample, their discussion with a dairy farmer. This was one project from Peter Lourie‘s series of adventure writing classes.

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