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Celebrating cliffhangers

Emily Nussbaum sings the praises of cliffhanger narratives, from early film serials to tv soaps.  It’s a celebration of the segmented form (which I touch on in chapters 3+5). Nice observation on cliffhangers in digital media: In the digital age, … Continue reading

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Choose your own adventure deaths

One of the key components to a Choose Your Own Adventure book is the series of death pages.  (If you haven’t played/read one, these are pages to which you turn when selecting a seemingly nonlethal choice.) One helpful blogger has … Continue reading

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Mad Twitter story of the year

Weirdest Twitter story: a madman wrote a fanfiction epic based on Harry and the Hendersons (1987).  It is very odd. “Hi, I continue the saga of Harry and the Herndersons. Also have head injure.” [A]fter Harlod leaves the Hendersons—or what’s … Continue reading

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