Writing the blog novel

One prolific blog-novelist explains why she chose that format.  It’s a very rich discussion.

The temporal structure of blogging helped with productivity.  “A big part of it was the extra pressure to deliver: I had committed to a post every day, so that’s what I did.”

The social aspect was – is – powerful:

“Best of all, I got feedback. Readers cared enough to send me emails and I wasn’t writing into a void any more. My writing mattered to more than just me, and there’s nothing more wonderful than knowing people want to read your work! I got reviews and ratings on various sites. I also discovered supportive communities of web fiction writers, always willing to give help and advice. All of that encouraged me to keep going, to keep up the pace, and to my surprise, I found I could.”

Two classic reasons for storytelling by blog.

Melanie Edmonds‘ first novel was Apocalypse Diary. She is currently finishing up Starwalker, a science fiction tale.  Both are in the process of becoming ebooks.

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