More digital storytelling from the Obama White House

The Obama campaign released a Web comic as part of its election strategy.  It’s called “The Life of Julia“:

It takes this hypothetical woman from age 3 to 67.  At each step of the way the story’s argument is clear: to show how her life would be better under an Obama rather than Romney administration.

“Julia” has elicited not only criticism, but parodies.  It’s what we should expect from remix culture, or what I’ve called recombinant storytelling.  For example, “The Life of Zachary”, Julia’s son:

Age 5: Zachary starts kindergarten. Julia drops Zachary off at his first day of public kindergarten. She is surprised and perplexed to find that despite the hefty local property taxes she pays, the class is large. While Zachary is at school, Julia does some Googling and finds that more and more of her taxes pay for pension and health benefits for retired teachers, not for salaries for current teachers. She wonders vaguely whether all that money from the federal government will really help Zachary.

I’ve noted earlier examples of Obama’s team’s digital storytelling work, including a huge Tumblr project and a solicited story initiative.

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