Web story game: Unmanned

Unmanned is the latest game from Molleindustria, and it’s a fascinating one for digital storytelling purposes.

The story concerns one day in a drone operator’s life.  Depending on how you play, he awakens from bad dreams, then drives to work, where he remotely tracks targets via drone.  He also interacts with coworkers, estranged wife, and son.

As a game, it consists of a series of minigames, played out on a two panel screen (see above).  Some are action games, like driving a car, shaving, or sighting in a missile strike.  Others are conversations, based on Bioware-style dialogue trees.

As you progress the game awards medals if you succeed at various tasks.

(thanks to Bret Boessen)

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1 Response to Web story game: Unmanned

  1. swathy ram says:

    Fantastic! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve been working on a piece of crime-thriller fiction about a man with a lost identity, a past he’s running from and if he doesn’t find the truth in time, the people he least expects will be out to kill him. In this, I wish to create a game platform (NOT interactive hypertext however, I mean actual mini games at the end of each chapter), these will be created as apps for digital devices across multi-media platforms (i.e ipad, pc, smartphones etc), as well as novel counterparts for the traditional book fans. The app will have the option for the reader to play the games and be rewarded with clues or some video footage in the character’s past (could reveal something monumental or a little detail like what food he likes) or they can simply read the book if they wish, by turning off the app.
    It’s like an added platform to the kindle basically!! The idea is to get the younger game obsessed generation in with the oldies…
    Please tell me your ideas and whether you think this is a good or bad idea thank you.

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