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Digital storytelling contest winners

The TechSoup digital storytelling contest is over, and winners are on the Web. Some are videos, like this one, “I Am”: Others are photos, like the winner:

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Digital storytelling in Virginia

I visited the University of Mary Washington yesterday, which is always a treat. They have a fine group of digitally advanced faculty, backed up by the mad genius of their storytelling-happy DTLT crew. Over lunch I led a faculty workshop … Continue reading

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The Tweeted Titanic

More Twitter storytelling: the Titanic’s voyage, tweet by tweet. The feed promises “day-by-day and minute-by-minute tweets as if from on board the ship itself”, and seems to be doing selections of that historical record. It’s a product of The History … Continue reading

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Storytelling by Twitter: invading Earth

Another Twitter storytelling project appeared this week.  It’s fiction, describing the invasion of the Earth by aliens.  It’s promotion for a new computer game, Mass Effect 3 (the first two games being fine stories themselves). How does it work?  Twitter … Continue reading

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Historical storytelling via Twitter

Here’s another example of storytelling by Twitter: Revolution Daily. This feed looks at American Revolutionary events, posting snippets and summaries on the same date as they occurred. For example, Note the same-date timestamp. Revolution Daily is also a Twitter-based example … Continue reading

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Web story game: Unmanned

Unmanned is the latest game from Molleindustria, and it’s a fascinating one for digital storytelling purposes. The story concerns one day in a drone operator’s life.  Depending on how you play, he awakens from bad dreams, then drives to work, … Continue reading

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