Facebook storytelling blocked, reborn

That Facebook historical archive storytelling project I blogged about a few days ago was just shut off.  Apparently Facebook saw the UNR McDonalds as a straight-up violation of its terms of services.

There’s one lesson implicit in this: “the extra attention ended up being “the kiss of death” for the couple’s virtual selves.”  So go stealthy, go quiet if you want to cut against the grain of ToS.

Another lesson: always have backups.  The creative team wasn’t able to get access to the predeleted content.

There’s also good news.  The two profiles were rebuilt as Facebook “Pages.”  Here’s Joe and here’s Leola.

Remember the storytelling boon, the pedagogy:

“From what I saw, there are a lot of people interested in learning history from simulated real people,” [Donnelyn Curtis, director of research collections and services] said.


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