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More characterization by Twitter

Here’s a list of ten satirical Twitter projects, each based on a character parodying a real-world figure: President Obama, mayors Bloomberg and Emmanuel, and others. For example,  

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New choose-your-own adventure stories for Kindle

New choose-your-own stories are being published for the Kindle, according to ReadWriteWeb.  Coliloquy has launched four titles, all in the teen romance genre.  Each has multiple-choice paths through the text. More: Coliloquy’s new publishing format enables multiple story lines, serial and … Continue reading

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Mobile storytelling workshop ahead

The Center for Digital Storytelling is hosting a mobile storytelling workshop in Spain.  The focus is on iPhones.  The whole thing looks great: Join us in a two and a half day workshop to explore iPhone photography and video editing … Continue reading

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Horsing around between Twitter, spam, blogs, and inspiration

Storytelling by Twitter mixed with storytelling by blogs: Horse eComics is a series of short comic strips, drawing and plot inspired by text from a Twitter spam account. Confused? Let me try that again.  Start with a spammish Twitter account, … Continue reading

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Facebook storytelling blocked, reborn

That Facebook historical archive storytelling project I blogged about a few days ago was just shut off.  Apparently Facebook saw the UNR McDonalds as a straight-up violation of its terms of services. There’s one lesson implicit in this: “the extra … Continue reading

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Facebook storytelling

Here’s another instance of using Facebook to tell a story.  Once again, the source is an archive, and the subject is historical biography. Donnelyn Curtis, the director of research collections and services at the University of Nevada at Reno, created … Continue reading

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