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Mobile mapping a biography

Storytelling by mobile devices and light augmented reality: here‘s someone using Foursquare to narrate a rapper’s biography.  Each major event is cued to location. (thanks to Steven Kaye)

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What makes a character in social media?

Another social media hoax character appeared, this time in Uzbekistan.  “Gulsumoy Abdujalilova” appeared on Facebook and through comments around the Web, until she killer herself, apparently. Apparently:  Using information that members of the Uzbek opposition had received from whomever was … Continue reading

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Digital storytelling to the White House

The American White House continues to explore digital storytelling, with a campaign to solicit personal stories about a tax cut. More ways you can tell us what $40 a week means to you: Twitter Use the hashtag #40dollars on Twitter. … Continue reading

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Storytelling with Prezi

Prezi is an innovative presentation tool.  Naturally people are starting to use it for storytelling purposes.  Case in point: Almost midnight. It’s an urban mystery story, in content.  It’s also a pitch for a bigger project.  Take a look:

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