Storytelling via archives via Twitter

Here’s a clever use of Twitter: reposting selected newspaper archive contents from 100 years ago.  Nibbles from time, a Twitter version of what I called “temporally structured archival blogging.”

For example,

21 hours ago

Nov 19, 1911: “That Indicates the Rate of Speed at Which the Mc Namara Murder Trial at Los Angeles is Now Be ing Condu”
19 Nov

Nov 16, 1911: “Hunting Season Opens. The hunting season for mil o pened yesterday and the boys were among the game in ”
16 Nov

Nov 14, 1911: “L And as the Democrats Seem to be in Much the Same Mood it is More Than Likely His Wish Will be Gratifi”
14 Nov

Nov 13, 1911: “HID CAR TO Avoids Collision With a Freight Train by Quick Start Upward. MAKES NEW RECORD IN FLIGHT STAR”
13 Nov

Nov 12, 1911: “ALL DEPART Like the Arabs they Have Silently Folded Their Tents and Just as Silent ly Have Stolen Away ”
12 Nov

Nice use of hyperlinks to lead us to more documentation.

(via Dan Cohen via Twitter)

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