Quickly turning bio into story

Here’s a lightning-fast way to start turning your biographical materials (c.v., “About”, etc) into a story.

First, work through the five questions.  Next, try out the powerful prompts under “Here’s a few key tips for reinventing your bio as a story”.  “Incorporate External Validators” and “Invite People into Relationship” are especially useful.

“About” pages are underused zones for personal storytelling.  I noted this in my book (p. 59), and want to reiterate it here.  We read those pages differently, allowing for creativity, and expecting much.

Michael Margolis is a smart, energetic guy in the story world.

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2 Responses to Quickly turning bio into story

  1. Thanks for the shout out Bryan.

  2. Bryan,
    Thanks for this useful post! I listened to Margolis’s hour long webinare and thought it full of good ideas that I will start brainstorming for my own About pages. I’m not seeing you write about the About page on p. 59 although I did highlight your refs to gender discourse theory on that page. No “About” in your index….any other clues?
    Gotta work on my superhuman origins, so I’ll catch you LTR!

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