Web storytelling: Knight time

We’ve been telling stories with the Web since Sir Tim Berners-Lee set it loose and changed the world. Today’s case in point: Knighttime, a multimedia, multi-item Web story series of medieval fantasy and humor.

There are two complete stories within Knighttime so far, “The Problem in Pimpleton” (start here) and “The Secret of Donotalado” (here).  Most of the content is audio, accessible as downloaded mp3s or played directly in the browser.  It’s very much in the classic tradition of radio drama, with a mix of voice characters, music, and audio effects.  Given the large number of these files, one could classify Knighttime as essentially a podcast series.

In addition, some of the story appears as a guide to the story’s wildlife, a mix of images and text.  There’s also a short video.

Web 2.0/social media storytelling: you can experience the story unfold through its blog (RSS).  Note that this is all Knight content, not just story bits.  There’s a Facebook page for the Hazardous Players – that’s the crew who produces everything.

Some interviews with the creator: here, here, and here.

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2 Responses to Web storytelling: Knight time

  1. Bryan–
    I love the range of DS innovation! I’ll admit the word “Pimpleton” immediately excluded me from the target audience, but that’s probably exactly what it’s meant to do. Did you get deep into this world? How many hours of material is there?

  2. Hello Mr. Alexander,
    Thanks for taking the time to post your kind words concerning our project and for offering your advice and sage wisdom. I hope you will continue to stop by Knighttime as we keep experimenting with digital storytelling and hopefully come up with new and intriguing ways to spin a yarn.

    Ze Hazardous Players

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