We Are the 99 Percent: social media storytelling

Storytelling through social media: We Are The 99 Percent is a great example of using Web 2.0 to tell real-life stories.

It’s a Tumblr site, a stripped-down blog, consisting of a series of photos.  Each image contains a person holding a sign, upon which is written a text describing the holder’s life story.  That story argues for economic injustice.  For example:

99% example

While the text is crucial, the person’s face and self-presentation powerfully shapes some of these mini-stories:
99% example

The site’s About page, or Introduction, frames the site’s enterprise.  Like many blog-based stories, this content is essential to the narrative:

You’re someone who doesn’t know whether there’s going to be enough money to make this month’s rent. You’re someone who gets sick and toughs it out because you’ll never afford the hospital bills. You’re someone who’s trying to move a mountain of debt that never seems to get any smaller no matter how hard you try…
They say it’s because you’re lazy. They say it’s because you make poor choices. They say it’s because you’re spoiled. If you’d only apply yourself a little more, worked a little harder, planned a little better, things would go well for you. Why do you need more help? Haven’t they helped you enough? They say you have no one to blame but yourself. They say it’s all your fault.

Social media: readers are encouraged to submit their images, adding their stories to the collective enterprise.  One may subscribe to the stream via RSS.  Individual items may be liked, linked to, embedded, and remotely commented on (for example).  It’s a multimedia project not only made available through Web 2.0, but essentially based upon that architecture and platform.

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