Digital storytelling in journalism: one datapoint

Digital storytelling enters the mainstream: here’s one example, from a high-profile journalism award

“It is a great honour to be recognized by the Online News Association and the industry for our excellence in digital storytelling,” said editor-in-chief John Stackhouse. “We are a strong daily destination for Canadians in many different digital formats and will continue to lead the way in new forms of journalism.”…

The Online News Association feted The Globe and Mail’s website Saturday night, awarding the news organization a general excellence award in the medium site category.

The Globe beat out CBC News, the Las Vegas Sun and The Oklahoman to take the honour, presented at a gala in Boston.


ONA award page here.

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1 Response to Digital storytelling in journalism: one datapoint

  1. mbransons says:

    It’s interesting to see journalists co-opting the term digital storytelling. I’m sure it feels right to them, but I’ve yet to see a journalist that’s regularly making animated GIFs! Or is that the domain the political cartoonist, I’d like to see that.

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