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Digital storytelling in journalism: one datapoint

Digital storytelling enters the mainstream: here’s one example, from a high-profile journalism award – “It is a great honour to be recognized by the Online News Association and the industry for our excellence in digital storytelling,” said editor-in-chief John Stackhouse. … Continue reading

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One fine storytelling blog

Nieman Storyboard focuses on journalism-based storytelling. In addition to highlighting outstanding print narratives, we seek to feature the best examples of visual, audio and multimedia narrative reporting… We hope to host a conversation on how storytelling and long-form narratives might … Continue reading

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One storytelling secret

Here’s a fine way to boost your storytelling skills: playing role-playing games. No, no, put down that Xbox controller. Here. Take these. *hands you a pile of glittery multi-colored polyhedral dice* They’re not pills. Don’t swallow them. It’s a terrific … Continue reading

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Vonnegut on stories

The shape of stories: here’s part of Kurt Vonnegut’s famous fortune graph. (via Scholarly Kitchen)

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Twittering a hoax story: Mexican panic

Storytelling by Twitter: two Mexicans successfully convinced their community that a kidnapping was going on.  So say local police, who arrested the authors after a panic. Gilberto Martinez Vera, 48, a private school teacher, and Maria de Jesus Bravo Pagola, … Continue reading

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