Bryan speaking in Burlington

Fletcher Free Library

I’ll be speaking on a panel about digital storytelling next month.  It’s Saturday, 9/24, at the Burlington Book Festival. Stop by!


Storytelling-the ability to describe a world beyond the present moment-may be the defining feature and crowning achievement of our species. Nearly everyone is a storyteller, but those who tell stories with great skill enjoy special status and power in our world. Thanks to developments in digital media, yesterday’s storytelling elites-news anchors, Oscar winners, scholars-now compete for attention on a more equal footing with anyone able to craft a compelling story and leverage the digital tools to tell it. A curious phenomenon emerges: New ways of telling stories challenge some deeply held notions of what a story is. So, what is a story in the digital age? Are digital stories true innovations in the ancient craft of storytelling or merely technological variations on time-honored themes? Panelists at this discussion will broach such questions by presenting original digital stories created with a range of digital tools.

Panelists/presenters include author Bryan Alexander, as well as students in Champlain College’s Master of Fine Arts program in Emergent Media. Erik Esckilsen, author and Champlain College professor, will moderate the discussion.

Time: 12-1 PM

Place: Fletcher Room, Fletcher Free Library

(photo via Don Shall)

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