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The Long Recall stops

One interesting blog storytelling project is, sadly, ceasing. That’s The Long Recall, which has been blogging the American Civil War 150 years later, day by day. I appreciate their work so far, and their decision to keep the archive alive. … Continue reading

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Games too long for complete stories

How long should a story be, so that an audience sticks around ’til the end? If the story is a game, short might be better than long. Blake Snow argues that major games taking dozens of hours to finish aren’t … Continue reading

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Bryan speaking in Burlington

I’ll be speaking on a panel about digital storytelling next month.  It’s Saturday, 9/24, at the Burlington Book Festival. Stop by! THE DAWN OF DIGITAL STORYTELLING: A PANEL DISCUSSION Storytelling-the ability to describe a world beyond the present moment-may be the … Continue reading

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We adore spoilage

What do we do with a story’s end, when reading in a book? Since we know where to find a tale’s finale, how often do readers page ahead to relieve suspense (or boredom)? A new study finds we love being … Continue reading

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Storytelling a presidency: Westen and the critics

Yesterday saw one prominent analysis of president Obama as flawed storyteller. It’s a moving, if flawed piece, and well worth reading for anyone interested in storytelling. Many critics have pointed out its analytical problems, from inaccurate assessments of political environments … Continue reading

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Storytelling in the spy business

Here’s a key thought from Olen Steinhauer, in The Tourist (2009): the intelligence game is all about storytelling (270) This plays out in many ways within that nicely plotted book.  But the quote (and thought) serves another purpose, which is … Continue reading

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