Storytelling with Google+

As soon as we invent a new communication platform, we try to tell stories with it.  Case in point: people are already talking about Google+ for stories.

Audrey Watters describes one new project:

The idea behind the #StoryCircle (he used the hashtag to mark the post) is to share a short story and then tag other people so they too can post on the topic.

She also reminds us of various Twitter storytelling efforts, and suggests their concepts could be applied to Google’s anti-Facebook machine.

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2 Responses to Storytelling with Google+

  1. Interesting news I’ve heard so much talk about google+ but wasn’t quite sure how it worked, just took the interactive tour on their site and it looks cool but I can’t see the mass of people using fb turning away from it for google+ :O also your comment area autofilled in my gravatar info showing me that the reason mine never showed up is apparently b/c i had to put neddrummond656 in as my name and use my gravatar profile as my site! So thanks for that!

  2. Ah still doesn’t seem to be showing up correctly…

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