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Storytelling the news with new media

Journalists can apply storytelling techniques to new media and make the news come to life.  So concludes Paul Ford, after brooding on the collision between digital media and analog journalism. It’s a fine call to digital storytelling: We’ll still need professionals … Continue reading

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Serial storytelling by Facebook: two new novels

Digital storytelling is sometimes a serial business.  Like soap operas or cliffhanger endings, these stories can be segmented out, joined together by time, emotional content, and clever narrative work. Case in point: two novels are appearing in chunks, over time, … Continue reading

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Storytelling with Google+

As soon as we invent a new communication platform, we try to tell stories with it.  Case in point: people are already talking about Google+ for stories. Audrey Watters describes one new project: The idea behind the #StoryCircle (he used … Continue reading

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Fanfiction hits Time

Time magazine discovers fanfiction.  It’s a bit late, given that fanfic dates back to the 1960s, if not way earlier, but the mainstream recognition is nice. I introduce fanfiction in chapter 8.  It’s a great way for first-time writers to … Continue reading

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