HipBone 03: The HipBone Games

[ by Charles Cameron / the HipBone Games — for Hipbone 01 see here — 02 here ]

Again, my thanks to Bryan for the mention of my games in his book, and his kind invitation to me to introduce my games here…


My HipBone Games are attempts to make something close to the Glass Bead Game that Hesse envisioned playable – on a human scale, with pencil and napkin in a coffee bar — or online, using social media.

The games themselves are mini-artforms, taking advantage of the digital affordances that Sven Birkerts talked about:

We are probably on the brink of the birth of whole new genres of art which will work through electronic systems. These genres will likely be multi-media in ways we can’t imagine. Digitalization, the idea that the same string of digits can bring image, music, or text, is a huge revolution in and of itself. When artists begin to grasp the creative possibilities of works that are neither literary, visual, or musical, but exist using all three forms in a synthetic collage fashion, an enormous artistic boom will occur.

On the HipBone game-boards, one idea links to another wherever one board position connects to another with an unbroken line.

You can read a game from first move through last, you can let all the moves hang in the air as a polyphony of voices… or see the board itself as the blueprint for an architecture of ideas, with each move a column, each link an arch, and the whole game a cathedral in miniature.


Come see a game that talks of story and gameplay, of fixed plots and open choices, of narrative and life…

… or follow the development of my Said Symphony game, a solo game in 130 or so moves just starting up — track it at #saidsymphony on twitter — exploring the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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1 Response to HipBone 03: The HipBone Games

  1. hipbone says:

    HipBone game boards can now be downloaded from http://wp.me/p1DsRr-1 (the standard WaterBird board), http://wp.me/p1DsRr-9 (the slightly smaller Dart board, or http://wp.me/p1DsRr-f (the Hop, SKip and a Jump board). Other boards will no doubt be added — find them at http://hipboards.wordpress.com/ .

    For those who are interested, the Sven Birkerts quote is from Cliff Becker’s interview, “The New Pandora’s Box: An Interview with Sven Birkerts”, which was posted on the National Endowment for the Arts site at:


    but is no longer hosted there, and is not in the Internet Archive either. I have been quoting it for years, and if I had the interview saved somewhere, I’m pretty sure it was two or three computers back…

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