Where does storytelling live in a changing society?

How does digital storytelling play out in our time? It’s instructive to imagine how storytelling itself appears on this fun schematic (Steward Brand):


On the one hand, people in each layer use storytelling for various purposes.  Government agencies have always done this (cf propaganda), as have businesses (marketing) and fashion (ditto).  On the other hand, different storytelling approaches mobilize different forces from these layers.

(thanks to Steven Kaye)

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1 Response to Where does storytelling live in a changing society?

  1. cherylcolan says:

    I recognize that this sort of question has worth and is interesting, but it does nothing for my gut or my soul. What I come back to is that digital storytelling is storytelling. To me, storytelling is an efficient, creative, fun and powerful way of getting a reality from one person’s head to another person’s head. Digital is one type or set of tools for storytelling.

    And I’ll just quote Tom Atlee’s essay The Power of Story because he deftly summarizes my feelings about storytelling when he says:

    Stories have a unique power to contain and shape the experienced reality of conscious beings like us — a power capable of bringing life and death, joy and suffering to individuals, groups and cultures. I don’t believe this is an overstatement.

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