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Interview about The New Digital Storytelling

I’m interviewed about The New Digital Storytelling over on Bloggingcritics.  The interviewer, Scott Butki, was very generous with his time, and asked very good questions.

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Digital storytelling, futures, and libraries

I’m briefly interviewed in this OCLC newsletter.  There I connect futurism and storytelling: “Digital storytelling, for example,” he explains,“opens up manifold possibilities for expression and recollection, which also means multiple spaces for informational innovation.” Bryan says that digital storytelling involves … Continue reading

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HipBone 03: The HipBone Games

[ by Charles Cameron / the HipBone Games — for Hipbone 01 see here — 02 here ] . Again, my thanks to Bryan for the mention of my games in his book, and his kind invitation to me to … Continue reading

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Where does storytelling live in a changing society?

How does digital storytelling play out in our time? It’s instructive to imagine how storytelling itself appears on this fun schematic (Steward Brand): On the one hand, people in each layer use storytelling for various purposes.  Government agencies have always … Continue reading

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Gay Girl in Damascus: blog storytelling

So, I invented her. The blog A Gay Girl in Damascus just announced itself to be a work of historical fiction.  The authorial voice of Amina Arraf became “Amina Arraf”, a fictional character, created by a male grad student. The purpose … Continue reading

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HipBone 02: Hesse’s Glass Bead Game

[ by Charles Cameron / the HipBone Games — for Hipbone 01 see here ] . The Glass Bead Game is a game in which the players build, quote by quote and link by link, an architecture – you might … Continue reading

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HipBone 01: Games in Fiction

[ by Charles Cameron / the HipBone Games ] . I am honored and delighted that Bryan has invited me to guest-post here, and to introduce my HipBone Games, which he kindly mentions in his book (p. 204 for the … Continue reading

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Storytelling by blog and remix

Small Town Noir is a fine example of storytelling by blog, plus storytelling through remix. Remix: Small Town Noir’s contents are news accounts of crime in New Castle, a western Pennsylvanian burg.  They are supplemented by by Diarmid Mogg‘s observations. Blog: … Continue reading

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