Facebook and storytelling

“Facebook is the novel we are all writing.”

Katie Rophie

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2 Responses to Facebook and storytelling

  1. TR Wheeler says:

    Facebook tells a million stories, in dribs, but it is not coherent. So as a storytelling tool for any one individual, is it that valuable. We don’t really have a beginning, a middle, and an end.

    The value of it is marketing. Real storytelling can happen quickly. For example, I wrote a story recently and put a link on facebook. That evening when I checked the stats, hundreds of people went to that page (http://trwheeler.com), most from facebook.

  2. Good points, TR. To your first, I agree about the coherence aspect. At best Facebook is then like blogs or Twitter for storytelling: a serial form, with bits strung together by the powerful combination of audience interest and narrative structure.

    To your second, the marketing bit can be strong. Facebook is a decent facilitator of connections between other venues.

    That’s something I wish I spent more time on, in my book: the role of social media tools in supporting, rather than creating, stories.

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