Storytelling by Twitter: three line novels

Another platform for social media storytelling is Twitter. Consider, for example, the novelsin3lines project.  These are versions of Félix Fénéon’s 1906 work, which found microstories in compressed newspaper stories.

No one hanged the young Russian Lise Joukovsky; she hanged herself, and the Rambouillet magistrates have allowed her to be buried.

In a tent near Aïn-Fakroun, a six-year-old Arab girl was incinerated by lightning, by the side of her mother, who was driven mad by it.

To thwart those boycotting the Draguignan banquet, the Socialist city council of Toulon invited M. Clemenceau.

Two Malakoff blacksmiths were rivals in love. Dupuis threw his hammer at Pierrot, who in turn tore up his face with a red-hot iron.

There is no longer a God even for drunkards. Kersilie, of Saint-Germain, who had mistaken the window for the door, is dead.

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